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2023-24 Position Statement

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us, your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” (2 Corinthians 9:11).

I. Introduction

Since we were organized as a Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge in 1979, Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church has had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of families and individuals. We have had the opportunity to spiritually nourish, educate, and engage many as we moved “forward in faith” over the past 44 years. Today, our growth continues; within the past year, we have added 416 new families to the approximate 2900+ already registered.

With the recent change in pastoral leadership and the transition from Phase I into Phase II of our “Forward in Faith” capital campaign, we continue to have the opportunity to expand that positive influence and impact many future generations.

As can be seen with ongoing construction progress, we are moving forward with building Parish Activity Center as well as a Multi-purpose Building that will provide classrooms, kitchen facilities, and storage. Combined, these buildings will add over 26,000 square feet to our parish facilities. This will be the largest construction project in our parish since the church opened in 2007.

II. Pledges, Gifts, and Prayers

The promise of the future depends on the pledges, gifts, and prayers of the present. The total cost of this project is $8,800,000. Below is the breakdown of that funding:
  • A loan of $2,100,000 has been secured from the Diocese of Baton Rouge leaving a $6,700,000 project balance which will be paid from parish savings and this campaign.
    • The loan of $2,100,000 will be paid back in the following manner:
      • ~$1,500,000 is the amount that has already been pledged in Phase I of our capital campaign leaving a $700,000 balance.
      • Most Blessed Sacrament will seek to raise an additional $1,500,000 in Phase II of the capital campaign. This will be a newly organized phase with members of our parish and school being invited to serve.
      • The remaining $5,800,000 project balance will be paid through a parish and school Annual Fund and savings over the next ten years.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Our original estimated project cost of $4.5 — $5.0 million was created before COVID, inflation, and a disruptive construction supply chain. Also, additional measures were imposed by the parish planning/zoning commission as part of the stormwater mitigation strategies of the civil parish. These all contributed to the increased project cost.

III. Steps in the Process

Recently, Most Blessed Sacrament retained the services of the Institute for School and Parish Development (ISPD), a national Catholic development consulting firm headquartered in the Greater New Orleans Area. Working with an Executive Committee of parishioners headed by Father Todd Lloyd, parish and school leaders completed and/or are now moving forward with the following steps:
  • ISPD Initial Assessment of the Operational Vitality of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish and School (completed);
  • Ultimate Question Survey administered to MBS parishioners and parents (completed);
  • Enlistment and organization of a Steering Committee (15-18 parish and school leaders) to organize Phase II of the capital campaign (completed);
  • Creation of “Forward in Faith” communication update (this Position Statement);
  • Organization of Phase II of the “Forward in Faith” campaign (in progress).
  • Invitation to serve to be sent to all school families, who are parihioners and non-parishioners. 

IV. Your Involvement is So Important!

Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church thrives because of the commitment, dedication, and generosity of our parish and school families. The stewardship of time, talent and treasure built our administration building (dedicated in 2006), our church (dedicated in 2007), and was responsible for the renovation and updating of the school campus (2018—2021). That same spirit of commitment and stewardship has helped us raise the initial $1.5 million in Phase I. We now move to Phase II. It will take all of us – young and young at heart, new families and familiar friends, parents and grandparents, singles and married couples – to continue to move “Forward in Faith.”
We invite you to positively respond in a number of ways:
  • Say “YES” to this vision for Most Blessed Sacrament Parish and School
  • Say “YES” to being a Phase II Campaign leader.
  • Say “YES” to being a Phase II Campaign contributor.
  • Say “YES” to pray for the success of the “Forward in Faith” Campaign. Thank you!

Most Blessed Sacrament Phase II Executive Committee

Fr. Todd Lloyd
Randy Arceneaux
Ali Branigan
Terry Cormier
Mark Evans
Penne Leier
Michael McDowell
Darrell Ourso