2023-2024 PSR/ Sacramental Preparation Registration
July 15-31

Registration fee: $50 per student



LATE Registration: August 1-15
Registration fee: $70 per student

We are not able to accept PSR/Sacramental Preparation registrations after August 15

We are committed to assisting both parents and children in growing their faith lives. The mission of the Parish School of Religion is to aide you in providing religious education for the age and maturity level of your children. 

Effective religious education and spiritual formation require more than a casual commitment, therefore, we strongly encourage commitment to the following formula in building a solid foundation in our Catholic Faith.

When you submit the Registration Form, you make your commitment to and acknowledge these important criteria:

  1. Registration in and commitment to the MBS Parish Family.
  2. Regular attendance at Sunday Mass as a family. (and on Holy Days of Obligation)
  3. Commitment to Family Prayer 
  4. Regular student attendance at religion classes
  5. Stewardship of Finance
  6. Involvement with parish ministry.
  7. A commitment to adult religious education through workshops and seminars offered by MBS Parish and the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

Registration Information


Are you interested in being a PSR catechists for the 2022-2023 school year?

Registration for PSR programs will be online July 15, 2022 - July 31, 2022. Please note there are prerequisites that must be met for both First Communion and Confirmation preparation. For additional information, please call the Church Office at (225) 752-6230 or email mbspsr@gmail.com.
PSR K-8 meets two Sunday mornings each month from 9:15-11:00. High School PSR meets one Sunday morning each month. Confirmation Preparation for 11th graders meets one Sunday evening each month from 5:00-8:00pm.
Calendars with class dates can be found on the Parish School of Religion page.
Kindergarten is offered as a Religion readiness program; FIRST GRADE becomes mandatory in order to prepare for Sacraments in the Second Grade.
New and returning students must register for the new PSR year. 
First Reconciliation & First Communion 
Second grade is a sacramental preparation year. In order to be eligible for sacramental prep, a child MUST HAVE received a FIRST GRADE religion curriculum in PSR or a Catholic school. 

Confirmation Candidates

Confirmation in our Diocese is celebrated in 11th grade. In order to be eligible, a candidate must have taken both 9th and 10th grade Catholic religious education in a PSR program or a Catholic high school. Classroom sessions are held once a month from September to January. Our candidates also participate in a two-day retreat. PLEASE BRING A COPY OF THE CANDIDATE’S BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE to the PARENT MEETING even if they were baptized at MBS.

PSR Calendars 2022-23:


PSR Grades K - 10th

Reconciliation Preparation Schedule

Eucharist Preparation Schedule

11th Grade Confirmation Preparation

2022-2023 Scope & Sequence

MBS School Campus Map - PSR

PSR Emergency Contact Information Sheet 

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